Employee extended background checks

Processed by risk consultants Rose Partners

The rationale for carrying out background checks

In the past, for those employees requiring background checking, a criminal records check (CRB) - now known as a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check - and verification of a person's employment record was regarded as adequate.

There is an increased demand now for background checking of employees. Employers are becoming increasingly responsible for ensuring not only that the person they are employing is who they say they are but also that that person is of the appropriate background and character, particularly when being placed in positions of trust with clients and third parties. This responsibility has become ever more challenging because of the freedom of movement within the EU and the capability of unscrupulous people to falsify records.

A DBS check only takes into account UK criminal records. This check is of little value if a potential employee has only recently arrived in the UK. It does not verify a person's right to work or the integrity of the information they provide to employers.

The background checks our accredited partners carry out access a large number of data bases and interrogate open source information on the Internet. They use the latest technology to search multiple data bases and then cross-reference the searches to provide thoroughly comprehensive background checks. They deliver peace of mind to an employer that the people they are engaging and placing in positions of trust are who they say they are.

What are background checks?

In the broadest sense, background checks are used to ascertain an employee's or prospective employee's probity (honesty and decency) and integrity (their moral and ethical standards) to ensure that they can be trusted in the conduct of their work.

When Rose carries out a background check they will tell employers what specific data bases or information sources have been interrogated. Each individual check is only as reliable as the data base that is accessed. They will make clear what is being checked and what it means and they will provide employers with their assessment of whether a person who is the subject of a check has provided accurate information.

Background checks carried out by Rose

Their checks consist of some or all of the following:

A full explanation of these checks is provided in the table at the end of this information pamphlet.

They have developed an exclusive database aggregation system which allows them to deliver this service at a more competitive rate than anyone else in the market. By using the aggregation and interrogation software (which was traditionally done manually) they are able to keep costs down and apply more senior and experienced manpower to the analysis.

They also add a further layer of verification by using the results to then cross reference them against social media geolocation software, allowing employers the certainty that the individual has in fact been present in the locations given during the period evidenced, whether it be at home or at work.

Each individual check is cross-referenced against the other checks to establish with as much confidence as reasonably possible that a person is fit to be engaged. The checks are thorough and reliable. They will leave any employer in very little doubt about the integrity of the people they are looking to employ.

Reconciling inconsistencies and interviewing

If there are inconsistencies between information provided as a result of their background checks and the information provided by a person, or if insufficient information has been provided to permit an accurate check to be carried out they will ask for further information or interview the person to reconcile the outstanding issues.

Background check report

A concise report will be produced for each person for whom a background check has been carried out indicating clearly whether people have passed or failed and, if the latter, the reason along with recommendations for further action.

Standard Checks Carried Out

Type of check

Explanation of the check

ID verification / name check

UK electronic 'Know Your Customer' checks for name & address match against electoral roll, utility, County Court Judgements and active credit records. Equivalent checks can also be carried out for Italy, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa. Checks will also be able to be carried out shortly for Canada, USA, Susden, Denmark and Norway.

Salacious Name check

Check against a database of known profanities, real names and made up or silly names along with character combination inconsistencies.

Address verification

International address lookup, population and confirmation.


Check against deceased persons index (to ensure that a person is not using an assumed name of someone deceased) comprising:

  • Governmental Records – official certified deaths.
  • Funeral Directors – records supplied by agreement after burial or cremation.
  • Register Offices – deceased registration notifications.
  • Data Exchange – through major UK insurance companies.
  • Deceased Preference Service – consumer collection service.

Document validity checking

Image-based automated document checks to establish the authenticity of international government issued photo identity document with a high degree of reliability.

Manual document checks carried out to supplement automated checks.

Watchlist Alert

Check against a comprehensive watchlist of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), sanctions lists and special interest records.

Company Director check

UK Directorship check: Check to see if an individual has UK company Directorships.

UK disqualified Director check: Check against current UK Disqualified Director list.

UK Director Report: Detailed report on a UK company Director.


UK County Court Judgement check: Check against UK County Court Judgement records.

UK insolvent and bankrupt check: Check against UK Insolvency and Bankruptcy records.

Social media footprint

Comparison of social media footprint with identity check to produce a confidence score that a person's recent history matches their records.


Optional/Additional Checks

Type of check

Explanation of the check

Right to work

Document checks carried out that are required to avoid a penalty for employing someone who is not permitted to work.

Required Documents