As the world’s leading family-history research company, Genealogica offers its clients an extensive family portrait, unearthing the ancestral stories that make them who they are today. Genealogica's offerings go far beyond traditional genealogy: as the world’s leading organisation for tracking down rare and hard-to-find documents, photographs, and heirlooms, Genealogica brings the people and places of each family's extraordinary journey to life. Using historical, genealogical, and DNA research, Genealogica pieces together its clients’ ancestral information in order to record every unique story as a compelling narrative, ensuring that each client’s individual legacy is has its place in the history of the world.

Wealthy families who learn about their forefathers’ struggles, achievements, goals and values are better able to work together, plan for their future, and sustain the wealth and good fortune that they has been acquired through the generations. Families that understand their past are significantly less likely to fall victim to the well-documented three-generation cycle of ‘rags to riches to rags’. With our proven expertise, unrivalled experience and global contacts we specialize in establishing where each family comes from to give families the solid foundation on which to build the family’s future.

Whilst there are many genealogy and family history companies to choose from, Genealogica tells the story of each family’s history in the wider context of world events, using a combination of forensic academic research from leading historians and genealogists as well as the most up to date DNA testing. Emmy-winning story-tellers and writers of international renown then embark up writing the ensuing narrative.

We begin by working with the client to learn what their family history and asking what they would like to discover. We then undertake detailed genealogical investigations, following every lead wherever in the world it takes us, and going as far back in time as records will allow. We then weave the results of our research into a compelling narrative, telling the story of the family from its origins to the present day and bringing the past to life. The results are bound into a timeless, priceless work of art.

We film the ancestral journey and deliver a broadcast-quality documentary 

We design and produce family encyclopaedias 

We compile family archives 

We commission customized furniture and flatware 

We create coats of arms and family trees 

We locate and acquire surviving family heirlooms 

We build legacy collections, such as libraries or art collections 

We create charitable foundations to honour the past and endow the future

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