FLOWERBX is an online store which sells curated, fresh flowers, hand-picked by our in-house specialists, direct from the flower markets in Holland to your front door.

Make regular flower delivery a part of your life by using our on-line subscription service, where you control how often your flowers arrive (weekly, bi-monthly, you choose!); or feel free to order flowers as gift or as a one-off to avoid messy and inconvenient, early-morning trips to the wholesale market.

We are not florists. We are cut-flower specialists. We don’t deliver arrangements, we simply deliver the highest quality, single-varietal bunches of flowers available. Our prices are lower than any other traditional florists in the UK, as our model is lean and efficient. We’ve cut out the middlemen, avoided waste and high overhead costs, and pass those savings on to you. Crucially, our flowers are days fresher than you can buy from a shop or the market, as we obtain our flowers directly from the source.

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